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Is Medical Cannabis Right for You

As of December 2018 Ohio became one of the 33 states that have legalized the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Ohio currently has 21 different qualifying conditions, allowing the use of medical cannabis. Ohio’s Medical Marijuana control program was designed to help people who suffer from one or more of these conditions treat and reduce progression, long-term symptoms, and side effects of their diagnoses with a natural and holistic approach. Many of the qualifying conditions are symptomatic of aging. Patients age 54 and older are the fastest growing demographic relying on medical cannabis to improve their quality of life. At Ohio Holistic Healthcare, our physicians evaluate each patient individually and provide education based on each qualifying condition.


Unlike marijuana purchased off the street, medical cannabis is cultivated, and lab tested providing a guarantee that the product you receive is free of toxins and safe for use and consumption. Medical cannabis is cultivated and composed of three main components: THC, CBD, and Terpenes. Each of these ingredients plays a key factor in treatment and provides a different clinical effect depending on the strain you choose. Some strains are used to ease the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients, and provide relief from insomnia and night terrors in patients that suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), while others help to slow down the progression of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple sclerosis, Epilepsy and Parkinson’s. Research has also shown that medicinal cannabis can reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and slow the growth and progression of cancer cells.


So how do you know if medical cannabis is right for you? Here at Ohio Holistic Healthcare we offer free patient education sessions two Tuesdays a month starting at 5pm. We provide education to our patients and the community by discussing a variety of different topics as well as welcoming outside guest speakers from different dispensaries and cultivation farms to answer any questions you may have. Interested in learning more? For a full List of our office services, calendar and events you may visit our website at, or contact our office staff by phone at 440-340-1970 or by email at"> You may also stop into our office Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm and every other Saturday from 8am-12noon for information at 570 N. Leavitt Rd, Amherst Ohio 44001.  

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