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Vaginal Rejuvination


The FDA has approved most radiofrequency devices for nonspecific gynecologic and hematologic intervention; however, there are a myriad of conditions for which radiofrequency energy-based vaginal treatment applications can be utilized in the gynecologic office setting, such as, female sexual dysfunction, arousal disorder, orgasmic concerns, vaginismus, mild to moderate urinary incontinence, menopausal genitourinary syndrome, vaginal laxity, mild prolapse, vulvar vestibulitis, and lichen sclerosis.  

Radiofrequency-based devices, such as the ThermiVa, have advantages over laser-based devices because they

  1. do not require topical anesthesia

  2. emit focused electromagnetic waves

  3. deliver energy to the deeper connective tissue of the vaginal wall

  4. can be applied to vaginal, introital, vestibular, or vulvar tissues for multiple tissue treatment types

  5. are used in outpatient settings/outpatient procedures

  6. require no downtime

  7. avoid direct tissue trauma


Radiofrequency devices restore the elasticity and moisture of the underlying vaginal mucosa by inducing collagen contraction, vascularization, neocollagenesis, and growth factor infiltration.  These are all reasons why we use this technology at Ohio Holistic Healthcare with the ThermiVa device.

Treatments are typically approximately 30-40 minutes in the office and patients receive three treatments each 4 weeks apart.  Approximately 75% of study participants reported improved orgasmic responsivity, clitoral sensitivity, and vaginal lubrication.  One study revealed a 70% improvement in mild to moderate urinary incontinence. Participants also reported improvement in symptoms including vaginal laxity, vaginal atrophy, and sexual dysfunction.  Statistically significant improvements were reported in the arousal and orgasm domains of the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). Additionally, patients reported improved overall sexual satisfaction and overall lower sexual distress which proved to be statistically significant in the treatment arm.  

Radiofrequency and laser technology may hold the answer for patients needing treatment for severe or refractory cases of menopausal genitourinary syndrome, especially in cases of breast cancer survivors or patients who are may feel fundamentally conflicted with hormone use in general.

In addition to these recent wonderful technological advances, local vaginal hormonal products such as creams, gels, tablets, and suppositories should not be underappreciated as a mainstay in treating and maintaining a healthy and happily functioning vagina.

The same radiofrequency technology can be used in the facial region near the eyes and the mouth to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  This is termed ThermiSmooth and is again a painless office procedure performed over approximately 40 minutes.  At Ohio Holistic Healthcare, we use a proprietary all organic collagen-plumping serum blended specifically for our patients by Impakt Organic Skincare to augment the results of our radiofrequency skin therapies.  

Additionally, we are offering all-natural glycolic acid facial treatments that help to give you back that healthy glow again and take years off while removing impurities from your skin.  We accent many of our services at OHHC using organic and botanical serums and gels from Impakt.

Call 440-340-1970 to schedule an appointment at Ohio Holistic Healthcare today, located at 570 North Leavitt Rd in Amherst.

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